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A free, convenient service for converting that extra car, truck, or RV into a tax deductible donation benefiting Hispanic United Fund. You can donate online or call 866-332-1778 to make your donation.

Don’t donate your car or truck to some charity you have never heard of. Our trusted service makes sure your vehicle is properly handled so you get your tax deduction and your charity, Hispanic United Fund, gets the benefit of your donation.

Start now by clicking on “Donate Now” below. If you are not ready to donate, find out about donating your vehicle by browsing all the valuable information and links on our site.

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Quick Facts

  • Donation is managed by our partner Vehicle Donation Program (
  • You are eligible for an itemized tax deduction of your vehicle’s Retail Fair Market Value
  • Our service is completely free and includes convenient pick-up of your car, truck, or RV anywhere in the U.S.
  • One of the most responsibly managed programs in the country
  • A vehicle can have a BIG dollar impact on school or church programs. (Donating a newer vehicle is better than donating a junkier that gives little or nothing to your non-profit)


Q: Is my vehicle donation tax-deductible?

A: Your donation is a charitable contribution that can be deducted from your taxes if you itemize deductions. The school, church, or group that is the recipient of your donation must be a non-profit entity. Click here for a tax information worksheet to help you calculate your tax benefit. Since each case is different, consult your tax adviser. We give no tax advice.

Q: How is the Fair Market Value determined?

A: You may look in the newspaper and copy classified ads for similar vehicles. We provide online access to the Retail section of Kelley Blue Book where you describe your vehicle and enter its condition and mileage to receive their estimate of its value. You may take a photo of your vehicle and retain copies of all these records in your tax file in case the IRS questions any value that you claim and deduct. The donor is solely responsible for setting the retail value declared in any tax filings. If the value declared is greater than $5000, the donor must obtain an independent, written appraisal. You can check the telephone book or ask a local auto dealer about who does appraisals in your area.

Q: Do you accept all vehicles?

A: We try to accept as many vehicles as possible as a public service to get older, higher polluting vehicles off of the streets. We even accept airplanes, boats and motorcycles. We do have to draw the line at older, non-collectable vehicles that aren’t worth enough to cover the cost of towing and processing. The best way to find out if your vehicle will be accepted is by calling our donation 800 number or completing the online donation wizard.

Q: How much will the station receive from my vehicle donation?

A: The station will receive about the same amount a car dealer would clear if he accepted the car as a trade-in, prepared and auctioned the vehicle (including dealer overhead). The amount a station receives varies with the age, condition and type of vehicle. Some vehicles cost more to pick up and process than they bring in at auction and so the station receives nothing. If your station is donated a number of vehicles, they should receive between 45% and 60% of gross auction/sale proceeds.

Q: What are the costs of the program?

A: How much money goes to the non-profit? There are no costs to you or to your non-profit. The Program costs are detailed on this site. These costs are subtracted from the price received from the highest bidder at the auto auction. The net proceeds are then delivered directly to non-profit you designated.

Q: How does the V-DAC program compare to other donation services?

A: The V-DAC program controls costs and tries to return as much of the gross proceeds as possible to designated non-profits. While V-DAC delivers 45% to 60% of gross proceeds, some large advertised programs return as little as 5% to non-profits. The Attorney General of California reported that charities received only 19% of gross proceeds from reported vehicle donation programs in 1997.

Q: Is it possible that my designated charity will receive no money?

A: If your vehicle brings in less than the cost of selling it, the non-profit will get nothing. The non-profit receives net proceeds after costs of processing, picking up, preparing and auctioning your vehicle are deducted. You can get an idea of whether your non-profit will get a little or a lot from your donation by asking yourself: “Would a retail buyer purchase my vehicle in the shape it’s in?” The type of damage your car has is also important in determining what a used car dealer or salvage operator will pay for it at auction. For example, a vehicle that has small dents on every body panel and a poor interior will not bring in as much as a vehicle that has a smashed front but is perfect in all other areas. You can check on how much your vehicle brought at auction by calling our 800 number with your vehicle information.

Q: When I donate my vehicle, is there a towing cost?

A: There is no cost to you (or the non-profit) for towing or anything else. You will be contacted to establish a mutually agreed upon time for pick-up.

Q: How should I prepare my vehicle for pick-up when I donate it?

A: Be sure to remove all of your personal items from the vehicle. You may receive further instructions from our representative when arrangements for the pick-up are made.

Q: Must a vehicle be operational when I donate it?

A: No. Vehicles do not have to be in running order to be accepted for donation. However, they must be whole, and they must have some actual wholesale auction value. While you may qualify for the Tax Write-off and it clears the driveway, it is unlikely that vehicles that are not running or Pre-1990 Domestic vehicles will produce any cash for your charity. These vehicles are often sold directly to dismantlers, and the cost of converting the car to cash will exceed income and, as a result, the non-profit will receive nothing.

Q: Is a title required when I donate a vehicle?

A: A free and clear title is usually required, but not always. This is determined by the age of the vehicle and the state in which it is registered. We’re happy to help you with this part of the donation process; just use the online Donation Wizard to find out if your state requires title paperwork for vehicle donations.

Q: What if I have lost my title for the vehicle I want to donate?

A: A free and clear title is usually, but not always, required. Use the online Donation Wizard to find out if your state requires title paperwork for your vehicle.

Q: Will you pick up a vehicle anywhere in the United States?

A: Yes, service is available in all 50 states

Q: What types of vehicles are accepted?

A: The V-DAC Program accepts all types of vehicles. We handle cars, trucks, RV’s, sports utilities, motor homes, airplanes, farm equipment, construction equipment, etc.