Good people build a good nation

Good people for a good nation. Good nation starts with good children that can grow good only when surrounded and assisted by good people.

Children are the most vulnerable and helpless beings around us. Heart seizes seeing children who are suffering. They need the utmost care. Our society has been increasingly degrading over the past few years. This unfortunately can lead to a situation when the next generations will find themselves into a complete chaos. At this moment, there are only few people who unselfishly help others and enroll others for this task. Unfortunately, we’re still in a shortage to help everyone in need.

Essence of the story is that you should be more self-confident and not to be afraid to help others. Perhaps all you could do today is helplessly watch through the window of your car and see yet another child suffering.

Imagine a child with his mom at a bus stop. Mother is busy with her smartphone while the kid is jumping around. Your first impression probably is, how cute all of this is! The boy seems to be so happy and joyful. But wait, suddenly the mother raises her hand in air, preparing to strike. The child immediately squirms, gesture of fear appears in his face. Obviously he knows what will follow next. Pain. After a while, he begins to shout and turns away from the brutal women. How could this kid grow into a good person, if he is brought up with such violence?

Don’t be ignorant! YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We turn to you – why should you spend money on new clothes, phone, tablet or car? Do you need all of this stuff to impress people you actually can’t stand? Maybe there’s something more important? Don’t be afraid to help others and donate to HUF.

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