A little dose of inspiration

Quotes to inspire you

If you are having hard times to find a motivation to keep doing the good works and everything seems meaningless, read thoughts of some of our members!

I’m trying to do good things every day. If everyone would do something good, imagine how beautiful this world would be! /J. Chan/

The main task of every human in his life is to learn how to give and accept love. Only measure capable to measure ones life is – how much there is in his life. And by saying love I don’t mean emotions or relations that provide well-being. Love is work done by the soul; it’s willingness to change, grow and expand your personality for someone else. /M. Carter/

I wish sincerity and love to everyone! To one another, to everything around us. If we’d say good things and compliments from heart, watching in the eyes, our lives would be much easier than they are now. /J. Duddly/

I want to do goof with all the opportunities I have. To give away not because I must, but because you can then see someone can do so much with that little bit. You see how much it means to others, and how they’re grateful. /S. Crowe/

You can’t just learn from the bad. At some point you have to take the good as your role model! Kind hearted action of others has urged to reevaluate myself and to push myself forward. Stress drives you in desperation, you start thinking how to save your skin or your family. Simple survival starts and you have no time for even the simplest acts of kindness. The good, in contrary, shapes your character. Something so simple, for example, allowing another car to switch lanes, doesn’t require much, but brings a lot of joy. You can be so happy that you spent the rest of the day with a huge smile on your face and behave like a courteous road user. It’s a chain reaction gradually changing not only my behavior… /K. Nowland/

Can a man be born good? A man is born innocent. Have I grown a good man? I don’t know, and no one knows it about himself. Let the others judge it! I would like to see my beloved proud of me, my work to make this place we call Earth a better place. /B. Ritcer/

I asked my son, pediatrician, the great question about the purpose of life. He answered as follows: Dad, we are here to help each other to get through this making – whatever it may be. /K. Vonegut/

You’ve arrived on this planet to learn to love. And that’s it. /S. Bidaf/

If I can ease the suffering or soothe pain, or help a fallen bird to get back into the nest, then my life has not been futile. /E. Dickinson/

Life is not that short not to have time to be kind to others. /R. Elander/

Children should be taught the giving, the taking they’ll learn themselves. /E. Penkovska/

Happy is not the one who is able to receive or obtain, but the one who is able to give to others. /May O’Clock/

Help people and share with what you have! Give away the smiles! Happiness is lot like a sunlight: if you put someone in the sun, it will shine you, too. /O. Manderino/

Life in deep gratitude gives eternal youth only to those people who have not been hiding their heart in precautionary armor, have not asked: what will I get in return, but consistently asked: what can I give? /V. Belsec/