Phoenix paintless dent repair guy changing the world one step at a time

Meet the Phoenix paintless dent repair guy

This time we want to introduce you to Chuck Garrick, person who runs a mobile dent repair in phx operator that repairs dents, hail damage, door dings and other auto body defects and still manages to find time in order to help the Phoenix’s and Scottsdale’s communities by actively participating in volunteer work and donating notable funds from time to time. Today we’ll discuss a bit of all – his profession, business and personal life, why he has enrolled with HUF and what he expects from the future.

When you are a 20 year old from a small town in Arizona it’s safe to say that you pretty much know nothing about how the world works, and, what is more important, what you are capable of.

Dreaming big is free to everyone out there, but to know what you are able to actually execute, requires not only more experience but a developed maturity as well. Don’t worry, this does not mean that one should feel discouraged, but only that it is important for one to find that fine balance between reality and fantasy. Remember, that the difficult takes time, and the impossible – a little bit longer.

Academic Education or Professional Training?

After graduating BASIS Scottsdale high school I, like any other peer graduate, had to make the toughest choice up to that point in life – decide whether to continue to educate myself in collage/university or choose the professional career path. Considering the ridiculous amount of money one has to spend to get an academic education and this meaning that you live half of your life in debt, I chose the latter.

There were many options of courses to take and of skills to acquire, but I didn’t have to think for long. My passion from early days had been cars. I spent hundreds or even thousands of hours capturing spots of cars. I love big cars, small cars, fast cars, whatever cars as long as they are cars…

Armed with my love towards autos and art, I took a risk and decided to learn at that time a completely knew phenomena – paintless dent repair. For those who don’t know, paintless dent removal is a technique of getting rid of various dents, door dings, even hail damage on your vehicle without needing a paint job. It is much faster and less costly method compared to conventional automobile body repair works.

Establishment of Dent Repair Phoenix

how paintless dent repair worksI started mobile paintless dent repair operator in Phoenix AZ right after finishing paintless dent removal courses. Yes, without any significant work experience, small (or none) knowledge in business related matters such as law, accountancy and so on. Sounds scary, right? It is! However, my experience proved that once you fully immerse yourself in what you are truly interested in, things will rapidly become more and more clear.

Business has helped me to secure a safe life ever since. Although I love my job and love helping people to remove dents and hail damage on their cars by applying my paintless dent removal skills, I wanted to do more. Knowing I have plenty of technical skills, I became a member of HUF and agreed to spend a couple of hours a week doing volunteer work. Enjoyed the process of helping others, seeing true and genuine gratitude and happiness! Six month later started donating part of my paintless dent repair in Phoenix profits and have kept doing that until today (and plan to continue on doing that).

What the future holds?

Hope my paintless dent removal phoenix business will be doing fine and I’ll be able to support HUF financially. If not, I’m sure I will do it with my free time; will continue repairing the dents, dings and hail damage on vehicles people donate to HUF and doing other smaller or larger scale works.

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