Sharing the profits, not donating

picture of olga and her childrenScottsdale entrepreneur Olga Brette have donated to various charities for many years. She doesn’t do it for any tax incentives, thanks or praise. Asked to meet for a quick interview, for several times she tries to dodge it. But after a thoroughly persuasion we finally meat for an exclusive conversation!

Olga was raised in a medium class 8 children family, her life was not easy as she had to help her parents a lot being the oldest child. She brightly remembers what mom told her about charity and donations: daughter, before you help anyone by donating money or things, for instance, your vehicle, think twice. Won’t you regret it later on? But if you’re ready to do it, don’t expect neither praise nor gratitude. This is why she doesn’t crave for any publicity…

Spare no means on youth education

Olga is not a millionaire struggling to find new ways to spend her money, in contrary, she has to think of every penny she spends both on her personal or business needs. But her meanness resigns at the very moment she sees somebody fighting for their goals and dreams and need money more than she does. Particularly good she feels when donating for education of young people.

For several years she has donated thousands of dollars to HUF, so that the organization could fund scholarships for materially challenges but very talented youngsters.

The first year of studies is the most difficult one, so the material help means the most. The real achievers during this first year learn what actual grinding is and how to get along on their own.

Helpfulness taught by family

Olga proposes that she learnt to help others in her own family. She explains When I was a student and money was tighter, my siblings, my parents, and other relatives helped out any way they could, even if was just asking me over for a meal, that I appreciated greatly. Later, as my business was doing well I did not forget to help them or their children in similar manner.

Now that there is no one who would need help in her own family, Olga helps her community and other organizations. Helping others has become part of her life, and it is hard for her to imagine not doing it. In Olga’s opinion anyone who has gotten his education and reached a certain level of income, needs to morally or financially help those around in less fortunate situations.

With talent, faith and optimism

Olga is one of the first donors that HUF had. It could be said, Olga was already an experienced donor when HUF was only starting to form, as soon as she learnt about this project she wanted to be part of it, and to be part of it not only financially but assist in developing the program as well. Her previous experience both with helping others, as well as her entrepreneurial experience helped tremendously to grow HUF in to the shape it is in now.

When asked how she chooses the causes she helps, her answer is simple I definitely want to know where and how the money I donate will be spent. Meet eye to eye and talk over with the persons receiving it. I am not a psychic or a psychologist, but somehow I have always been a great judge of character. I evaluate the honesty of the people, how great their need is. Fortunately, I am yet to meet easy money seekers and speculators.

People at HUF are thankful that Olga has worked with them for all these years, and hope to not disappoint her and to work with her in the future as well. In the meantime we thank Olga for giving her time to talk with us, and finally agreeing to give us a chance to publically thank her for helping the community.

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