Volunteers wanted

If you don’t have any material things to donate, don’t worry and put a hand in making the world a better place and become a HLCUSA volunteer!

Volunteers – young in body and young in heart are the driver and perpetual engine of HLCUSA. Being a volunteer is an interesting experience that can bring a lot of satisfaction. How else would we be able to relentlessly do it for decades?

According to our principles a voluntary employee is any person, regardless of his age, gender, race, religious believes etc. who donate their free time to perform work in the public interest and does not receive any material compensation for that. By volunteering a worker chooses and agrees with the organization, how much time and what kind of resources (mental or material) will be provided for the development of the organization. Volunteer gets an opportunity to improve his existing as well as to acquire new knowledge and skills by doing a socially useful work.

We offer a wide sort of work to be done – depending on the skill set and the amount of time one is able to dedicate to the charity. Anyone can realize himself through HLCUSA. Our arranged training session will help you to improve and develop your existing specialties and acquire new ones.

picture of volunteers

There is no volunteer limit at HLCUSA. Give us a call and join our international 10,000 volunteer family represented in 43 states! Our family is united in the spirit of adventure, desire to help and passion to make the world a better place. Get in touch with us right away.